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LaKeisha Fleming Headshot 2 June 2022.jpg

I don't miss deadlines.
I do exceed expectations.

I love words and using them to create visual images.

I am a writer with over 20 years of experience writing for television, film, digital platforms, and print publications. My words have been spoken by actors, framed by directors, and read by experts.

I also have extensive television and film production experience. Knowing how to bring a project to life, from idea inception to written product to airing on television or being published online, is a part of the expertise I bring.

I've honed my writing and production skills with CNN, Tyler Perry Studios, and Verywell Mind, among others.

My work is highly recommended.  Read more here

If you want a creative, original vision for your project, and someone who can bring it to life, give me a call. 

I don't miss deadlines. I do exceed expectations. 

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