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LaKeisha Fleming Headshot 2 June 2022.jpg

Mental Health Supporter
Parenting Enthusiast
Miscarriage Survivor
and so much more . . . 

I don't miss deadlines.
I do exceed expectations.

I love words and using them to create visual images.

I am a writer with over 20 years of experience writing for television, film, digital platforms, and print publications. My words have been spoken by actors, framed by directors, and read by experts.

I also have extensive television and film production experience.

I know how to bring a project to life, from its inception to becoming a show airing on television or a written product published online.

I've honed my writing and production skills with CNN, Tyler Perry Studios, and Verywell Mind, among others.

My work is highly recommended.  Read more here

If you want a creative, original vision for your project, and someone who can bring it to life, look no further.

I don't miss deadlines. I do exceed expectations. 

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