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Struggling with depression didn't make me any less saved . . . just human.

I was devastated by a third miscarriage. I carried my baby without a heartbeat for three weeks after finding out she was gone. Anxiety, depression, despondency, and hopelessness wreaked havoc with my physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health.

I thought as a Christian, it would be easier to heal and move forward. Instead, I found myself wondering, "Where is God in all of this?"

I share with you my journey of miscarriage, depression, healing, and hope.

It took me three weeks and four years to get there, after hearing . . . There Is No Heartbeat.


There Is No Heartbeat
From Miscarriage to Depression to Hope

Praise for There Is No Heartbeat . . . 

My goodness- it was as if it happened to me. I was so consumed by this account of personal tragedy, that I read the entire book in an hour. Thanks Lakeisha for sharing all the details that speak to not only Christian women, but to all women who have suffered this type of loss. This is a true testimony of the power of having a bonafide relationship with God, and the process of how He uses our experiences to understand His love for us. I will definitely pass it on! (RG)

LaKeisha was quite candid in sharing her experience. It opened my eyes and triggered emotions that I had suppressed. This book is truly a ministry for those who suffer from a miscarriage. It helps to know that there is someone who understands your grief. It is a testimony of how her painful journey was turned into purpose that can provide comfort to others. I highly recommend it! (CG)

Such an awesome book about a traumatic experience but hope she came back from it. I also had a miscarriage; this is a great book for anyone who has suffered a loss of a baby. Very comforting. (SB)


Wow!!! This book is awesome! It is so authentic and encouraging. The author painted such a picture of the profound sadness she experienced. Then she walked us through her journey of coming out of the darkness of depression into the marvelous light of Jesus! It is a quick but powerful read for anyone and everyone. I highly recommend it!! (KH)

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